About Channel Bank

What is Channel Bank for?

The purpose of Channel Bank is to allow the upload and entirely open sharing of massive ion channel datasets and machine learning kernels.

This will provide a forum for patch-clampers and computational biologists, and machine learning experts to up and download real and synthetic “raw” data and to pilot deep learning analysis.

Ultimately the site will allow rapid inspection of records and piloting of deep learning kernels.

What is channelbank.org?

Please remember that Channel Bank is currently an unfunded pilot.
The channelbank.org website is a prototype that aims to demonstrate how a fully-funded project might appear. Of course, this means that most useful features are not included, there is very limited storage space and data security, and that the site has not been fully tested - all things that can be addressed in the future when funding allows.

Software development has been provided by the Computational Biology Facility, a shared research facility of the University of Liverpool's Technology Directorate.

Can I use Channel Bank?

Not really just yet...
The data contained in channelbank.org is currently test data. You are free to download it, but please don't assume that it means anything! You are also free to register an account and add data for others to download, but please read the notice above about space and security.